Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting married

I am about to get married for the second, and last, time.

My first marriage was 23 years; I screwed up, letting my ex and myself drift apart. I was so concerned about being successful, making the life I believed we all wanted. It turns out, I was wrong. I wandered away because we chose to follow life with different views, with different options. She is a wonderful person ... I wasn't the man she desired me to be. My two children suffered for the mistake; they don't talk to me anymore. That deeply sorrows my spirit, yet I have hope we will reconcile. It's their choice, and I leave it in God's hands.

My fiance and I have big differences. We come from different backgrounds, with two very different upbringings. Ahhh, storge and eros (Greek for affection and physical attraction/love). I am banking on these two elements to stabilize our relationship, with our belief in the Messiah being our foundation. Our affection and devotion to each other has proven to overcome the tumltuous actions our differences have spawned. I never dreamt I would get into the situations that I have endured ... going through the losses I have encountered ... and then move forward feeling I am finding my faith and confident that we will serve Father faithfully, we will trust in Jesus wholeheartedly and be filled with the Holy Spirit constantly.
A messianic rabbi is going to marry us. This is a wonderous gift from our heavenly Father!!! I know that Diana and I have been working at growing in our faith, in letting our differences not dictate our actions ... having a rabbi who knows the Messiah marry us is a sign that we are walking more and more in faith, that we will overcome the pain and anguish we both have lived through. We have a lot of work to do, and we will explode with love and power as we allow the power of our Creator to heal and renew us!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We believe, as children, wholeheartedly because we don't know any better. Our trust is a mile high ... we are getting our needs met, and we trust!!!

Disappointment is one of the true spoilers of life; it makes us bitter and disillusioned, and it mars the view that we should have for living! That is why it says believe in the kingdom of God, we should believe as children; we need to be wholehearted in our belief! Just like a 6 month old knowing it's going to be fed ... a 1 year old knowing it's going to stay safe.

When we allow our disapointment/injustices mar our view, we let our child-like belief dissipate! We become hurtful because we are hurt. We stop believing that everything is going to be all right because we have a loving Father.
Remember, He sends His angels to watch over you ... He loves us all, and our child-like nature is what we are going to rely on! The faith demanded by our Father is for us to trust Him, not ourselves. Am I trusting in Him or myself ... what a tough question if I am guarding against my disillusions and pain. Truth is what He wants, as well as our child-like faith.

I hope U sing and dance today!

Living life well ... YHWH has given us options to serve Him.

I hope you sing and dance to our Creator today. So many are grumbling and complaining. We R a selfish people ... we don't sing to the LORD unless we are focused on Him. We sing to ourselves ... we R a selfish people ... sing to the LORD a new song! His power and presence can lift us out of our way, if we but let Him.

When I was young, I was bulletproof! Insecure, but bulletproof! I heard so many old people talk about wasting youth ... it gave me great insight, though, into or about people when I finally realized the validity of that statement! I realize this is a gift YHWH blessed me with. People are captive to the mistakes they make because it forges their present and future. Mistakes come from our upbringing; since no one knows it all, we will follow the mistakes we are taught. I've come to realize that is why children pay for the sins of their parents; it is the damaged way we look at life! Don't blame the parents, they were damaged as well by their parents (and so on and so on).

Singing and dancing to the LORD gives us grace and mercy in our lives, and that is the changing elements of being captive to our mistakes. We can take advantage of it if we have a humble heart ... that is the hardest part of life, I surmise. Talk, talk, talk ... we live with what we believe. We believe that bad things shouldn't happen to good people and blame God, or think there is no God. We are a foolish people. Angels must shake their heads at us, but they know and see God, so they trust in what they know and realize He has a plan, and it will all be good.

Life is a battle of good versus evil. People should realize this is why bad things happen to good people. Good has won, though. This is cause to sing and dance today!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I look at the burning hunger for people to express themselves, to be taken care of, to be recognized ... and the lack of focus that is generated by not knowing what they truly desire. Everyone wants to be heard ... but, is what we are saying going to serve us in the long run? Mistakes made early or late are still mistakes that impact our lives. Truths change with knowledge in society. Wishful thinking gives us people who get angry and hate one another ... yet, there is beauty everywhere you look! Ah, the irony of life!

Everyone is beautiful, some are just more marketable than others. Every day with breath is a blessing, anything past that is ego ... my two realizations in life ... 52!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Joining Twitter and the social network revolution

I am a child of faith, a photographer that sees life in images and words. The last 51 years have prepared me for change being a constant ... yet Twitter, Facebook, flickr have altered the way I now look at the world. So many people are left behind with the rapid advances technology is bringing.

It is awesome that there are so many people and tools to help with all these changes. The wave of the future is already here, and the changes are continuing to emerge. I can now take images that would have cost me a small fortune 5 years ago, and make them available for anyone to see. It has cost me the way I use to do things, and that is now the biggest challenge to address.

Life has begun anew, and what tomorrow brings is going to be interesting, but I am not worried. I know who holds the future, and I trust that He will provide the ways to stay rooted and grounded in love, honor and the ability to serve others. That is the joy that I look forward to sharing, and it is this very change that allows me to move forward.

Thanks to one and all who share their knowledge, love and support. The future is terrible, yet exciting, contentious yet filled with love and power.