Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love, greatness and change

To know love is to know greatness. To know love is to know beauty. To know love is to know pain. Unless we look at love with the eyes of YHWH (God), to know love is to know hardship because we can not share what needs to be offered at the right time, in the right balance.

Life takes us through a learning process that continues to refine us; how do we make choices that are so powerful unless we look through the eyes of our Savior?
Greatness is defined by many people in song, in poetry and with imagery, both still and moving. The greatness that is defined by Spirit, the Spirit, is the greatness that will stand the test of time. I look forward to learning more from the Spirit as time progresses.
As I learn this lesson, I pray that I don't whine too much, that I don't complain about the lessons learned, and don't make excuses that try to justify my position or situations.

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