Thursday, March 25, 2010

Curves, Fastballs and Change-ups

Life has its curves and fastballs, but the change-ups are something that can surprise you to your core.

My wife and I thought she couldn't get pregnant again which was one of the sad thoughts that we shared, being unable to share the joy of raising a child together. We found out she was pregnant (fastball ... we didn't even see that one coming!) when she had a miscarriage. We had a miscarriage. That curve ball has forced a lot of change in our lives.

It's amazing how a tragedy - that curve ball that makes you buckle at the knees - can turn into a positive thing in your life when you have faith. Pain and tragedy can bring you closer to your Maker when you allow His truth to be foundational in your life. That's been the way it has been with my wife and myself. We looked at ourselves, and knew what our tragedy could do for us in the future. That change-up was what allowed growth that is immeasurable!

We mourned, but through our tears we realized how the pain could be so much more ... building our faith if we allowed it to. It's not about the world we live in as much as it is the way we walk in this world. What an epiphany we were given; even when we had hardship we could be growing in mercy and grace. We could mature if we didn't take our eyes off our walk.

We are going through tumultuous change in our country. There are curve balls that have people buckling at the knees, fastballs that people don't see coming ... we have the ability to grow with the change-ups if we keep our eyes on our walk as people of faith, people who know it's not about the world but about the way we treat the lame, the poor and the needy.

That's what this miscarriage taught me again, so poignantly and powerfully. It was a change-up that made me look not at the world, but at what I want my life to be. As people, can we see the the responsibilities we have to people, not parties and/or organizations? Time will tell.

BB, thank you for your gift to Diana and I. We miss you, but you have changed our lives. May we be worthy of this gift.

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