Monday, March 7, 2011

On serving in Uncertainty

Singing on both sides of the Red Sea.

It is so easy to sing of safety and salvation when we have weathered the storm, when the crisis has been averted, when we no longer have a battle to fight and the victory is ours. What about before the battle, or during the battle? Our we singing songs of victory and confident in our faith?

Israel gives us a perfect example. Pharaoh's army is bearing down upon the Israelites, with two mountain ranges and the Red Sea completing the blockade. People in the camp are complaining about their predicaments. If only we hadn't tried to be free and find our own way to be free ... why did we aspire to be more? Why did you make us think we could be free?

We know the results, of course. People of faith in the camp followed their leader, Moses, who followed God's Word and His commandments. The rest of the Israelites followed because they saw action. Moses then performed the miracle of parting the Red Sea and all of his people followed him to safety. Once on the other side, still being pursued by Pharaoh and his army, they reached dry land and the sea came crashing down on the dangerous pursuers. The singing commenced!

How does this relate to today?

My example mirrors the Israelites. I am battling addiction, work-related problems and personal obstacles. The problems are physical, emotional and mental issues that singe the songs of victory I should be singing. They impact the people around me; the testimonies people perceive come out weak and inconsequential. Whining, grumbling, blaming ... it is easy to do these things as problems encompass the faith walk that is promised to all believers. Pharaoh's army is coming, after all!

Our societies have always been bastions of battle; it decries the sentiment of "Yesterday, all our troubles seem so far away" ... but they never have been. Time heals wounds and often clouds memories, so the past seems better than it was.

As long as we believe in one Father, one Son and one Holy Spirit, we believe in truth. This is where I desire my song to come forth with power, the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The burdens can seem overwhelming because I allow people around me to suffer, and prayers are ... well, Jesus calmed seas, told us with faith we could move mountains ... when do I get to do that stuff? Do I have the strength? Well, as soon as I find my Leader that shows me His actions, I will cross on dry land. The example is right before me ... sometimes I'm just trying to get the song out, but I realize Pharaoh's armies are coming ... let me sing Jesus!

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